Police Off-Duty Detail Management System


“The Pembroke Pines Police Union Representatives, as well as the Pembroke Pines Detail Liaison Officers, needed an easier way to pick, track, and complete off-duty details. Requiring officers to arrive at the department simply to sign up for a detail, or to submit a hand written detail completion slip seemed completely unnecessary. With the implementation of the Detail Management System, officers can now select, trade, and complete details using any internet connection. Plus, the payroll is even automatically uploaded into our QuickBooks. D.M.S. also created custom built electronic rules applicable to our department’s detail pick procedures. The system is not only easy to use, but has been very well received from all our members. We are more than extremely satisfied with the software, as well as the professional support received from Police D.M.S."
Pembroke Pines, Florida, Police Union Representatives
and Detail Liaison Officers.
“A huge thank you to everyone who designed, implemented, or participated in the new detail process. I am currently out of state dealing with family issues and was able to get rid of details that were affected and select details for next month using my cellphone. This is a huge quality of life improvement. Under the old system I would be losing money and scrambling to give the details away instead of helping family. Thank you!"
Officer Timothy C.
“Thank you all very much for this great new program... and the pay increase.

Greatly appreciated!"
Officer Carlos B.